This cake is musty!

appalachian history, west virginia historyama welcomed the lull from an early session of baking which she managed to get done before the weather turned hot. Soon the two of them began chitchatting over a piece of newly frosted cake. Miss Hattie took a sip of coffee to wash down the last forkful & mischievously looked across the table. The eyes on her broad, round face twinkling, she pronounced in all seriousness, "Pauline, this cake is musty!" Mama naturally became guarded & somewhat defensive. After a tense moment, I saw her features relax and then she said in a slightly exasperated tone, "How can it be? The oven is still hot." Remaining deadpan long enough to delight in seeing Mama squirm, Miss Hattie paused theatrically. "As I said before, this cake is musty." Finally, trying to suppress a sly, ungovernable grin, she broke into hearty laughter and concluded, "I MUST have another piece."

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